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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

birthday dessert

it's like a hot, chocolate brownie with a gooey (lava-like) center, with vanilla ice cream. can't talk must eat

birthday dinner

steak potatoes amaretto sour and a caipirinha. not as good as brazil. maybe will send dessert, too!

Monday, May 07, 2007

The paper was a hit!

Great, great presentation of the paper. Very well received, with many people saying it's the most carefully executed BS.1116 paper they've ever seen. Audience questions? Eloquently fielded. Go Leslie, it's your birthday....

...and it *is* my birthday on Tuesday. I want a copy of "Vocea me apareceu" (Kellie, you know how to get this Brazilian hit.)

Pictures at Too lazy to post 'em here. Well, not lazy, just smart about getting some rest tomorrow for my trip to what? for my hmm?

That's right.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

And you thought I wouldn't blog this.

Shame on you.

Here’s the scoop: I got into Vienna and came straight to the hotel. Nice hotel! You can read more about it by clicking here. THEY ROCK for having FREE WI-FI. Thanks for saving me 10 Euros a day, you angels! "Stay at the Mercure. Free wi-fi is like five stars for geeks like me.

I went right away to the conference, and hit all the booths. I met folks from Coding Technologies (those of you who know about the Dolby study last year will go “ooh” here), as well as Arnaud from Trinnov, who I will chat with further next week. I had a great conversation with Max from RME, who I hope to see again, because he is quite sharp.


I should be doing my “mobile blog”, but I just got the thing up and running. The trouble is, I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff, so all I can say is “Um”. Oh! I’ll show you some pictures now.

Here I am with Vanderkooy and Lipshitz. My heroes. Look up ANY text on digital audio and you’ll see their names. (Click on the picture for a bigger one)

Here I am with Michael Williams, who signed his book for me on Multichannel Microphone techniques.

I also got to see Joe Zawinul’s Birdland! Thanks to Steve Weingart for the suggestion. Sorry Steve… didn’t run into Eric that night!

That’s all for now. I didn’t put Dreamweaver on my laptop, so I am typing in HTML code which is a REAL PAIN. For those of you who don’t know what that means, just know that it took me 30 minutes to bring this to you (when it could have taken about 10).

Guten abend? Er, ah…. G’night.

Friday, May 04, 2007

London Layover

Landed at 6 am, my flight to Vienna isn't until 6 pm. I am at Starbucks near the Oxford Circus station. It's in a Borders bookstore. (Nothing is original, I'm down the street from McDonalds). I'm here partly because it's the only warm place that's open! I'm waiting to go to Urban Outfitters and buy a coat. Left mine at home. Dang.

The other reason I'm here is that I need to pick up a guide to Vienna. I have a few tips from friends, like to check out the guy-who-wrote-"Birdland" 's club at the Hilton, and to Schoenbrun castle, and to go to Oh-pot! Oh-pot! restaurant (I hope thye have French Fries!)

They have a t-mobile hotspot here, which would be free for me in the states, but costs 18 cents a minute roaming! I've been on a little over 1/2 hour, which means, I'm going now! Auf wiedersehen... cheers... etc.