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Thursday, November 03, 2011

England has the flu

That's right, the whole country has the flu. It's claimed everyone in my family, and I had 3 students miss class last Wednesday! We are all sick, there is no escaping the England Flu. In other news... I'm helping plan the upcoming Ambisonics conference in 2012, which is being co-hosted with the AES. I have seen some amazing venues for playback, and I'm hoping we get great demos. Of course, I'll be in the US for the conference, but it's exciting nonetheless! Andy's family brought by a keyboard for Zachary to do his "doo bee doos", as I call them. He's standing at the piano now, which is in front of the TV, coughing, playing the piano, and watching Pocoyo. Mom LOVES it when "Zachary's show" is on. Ironically, "his show" is on DVD, I haven't actually seen a broadcast of it, even though Stephen Fry is the narrator. Go figure! As for my research, I'll be able to accomplish what I've set out to do although I'm VERY disappointed in the lack of support for blu-ray authoring. The Occupy High Fidelity movement seems to be a complete failure at the moment, but I'm doing my part! I do have more pictures, but I've got the flu and my brain is foggy right now. I hope you're enjoying the blogs, perhaps I'll write a blockbuster one of these days, but for now I'll be signing off. Stay healthy you all! Yours, Leslie