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Friday, June 02, 2006

So then what happened...?

Well, here are scenes from my last day of vacation in Paris. I wrote this clever thing, then when I got home my Crackberry barfed. I'm tellin' ya, "Just Say No".

So I'll do my best to recreate that marvelous, Pulitzer-Prize winning essay:

"I decided to go to La Défense today to see the Grande Arche. There are cute little shops and snack stands when you get off the metro, it's like the metro lets out into a mall area.

But when you leave the mall / metro, you go up the escalator to this strange, soul-less place. I had a big WTF moment when I realized someone had taken the fair, removed all the color, and replaced everything with glass and concrete. What is this place? All the people have been aged 40 years. The rides have turned into elevators that take you to the top (whee), let you off for 8 hours, and then take you back down again (whee). No one is really smiling. It really is a cold place. I've read about places like this, but never been to one. The aliens - or whoever did this to the fair - left one carousel, and no one was on it.

I have proof. Click here and see for yourself.

Later that night, I fulfilled my quest to get pictures of the Eiffel Tower in its "blinking" mode. Click here or on the picture for the video!

The trip home took 23 hours. I woke up at 5:40 am Paris time (9:40 pm MST), caught the metro to Gare du Nord and then Eurostar to London. I took the tube from Waterloo to Heathrow, and then flew to Chicago. From Chicago to Denver; I landed at about 8 pm MST (4 am Paris Time).

All right... to bed now. I hope you enjoyed the blog, I would recommend a solo European trip for everyone.