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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Snake dream

I know some of you are subscribed here to read about my adventures in England. You're welcome to keep reading, but be forewarned I'm back to more of a "stream of consciousness" posting style now that I'm back in the USA. This post is about a dream I had last night. So here it goes... I dreamt last night that I was floating/swimming in murky water. I overheard something (a radio? people's voices?) saying, "they found the missing couple". This couple had survived exposure to the elements by plastering wet mud over their bodies. I regarded the banks of the murky river wondering why - if they were so close to the banks to get mud - didn't they just get out of the water. As the dream continued, I realized I was holding on to something in order to stay afloat. I accidentally maneuvered into a small bay/inlet, and saw black snakes in the water. I tried to leave the bay but was unable to paddle or swim out. One bit me on the foot, and another bit me on the other foot. Then I woke up. Now back to lucidity: Those who know me are aware of my association through snakes via my mom. (I have another dream to share about that - not sure when I'll post it). I recall trying to associate the word "asp" with the snake, but I looked up "asp" and that wasn't the snake I saw: The snakes in my dream were flat, long, and black. Couldn't find any similar pictures on the 'net. ANYWAY. I can only think of a couple of non-psychic reasons why I dreamt this. One is that my daughter (1 y.o.) has razor sharp teeth and has been biting me. It drives me bat shit crazy. (Love her.) I also took a "floatie" to the storage shed yesterday. One of those 4' long, green, styrofoam deals. As for the psychic reasons, well, I looked up a bunch of snake dreams and all I see is BAD NEWS. You can talk about death in the transformative sense, but ... well, all I can say is, "DUCK". P.S. Andy also had a dream about shards in his thumb and woke up with some sort of insect bite. Zachary had a nightmare at about 4:30 am, I haven't heard him that upset in a long time. What to make of it all....