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Monday, December 19, 2016

50 things every audio engineer should have by age 50, in no particular order

I saw that "50 Things Every Woman Should Have by Age 50" and it said a bunch of crap about shoes and clothes and having a bank accounts in your own name. It waxed poetic about old boyfriends, jewelry, and loving your wrinkles. What the actual hell. I don't need to acquire self confidence about aging, I need to make more music and get more gear to record it with! I will be 50 soon and I have just about everything on this list, so if nothing else I'll be motivated to finally upgrade to Pro Tools 12. 
  1. At least one microphone that costs more than $600
  2. Soldering iron
  3. SPL meter
  4. A working turntable and preamp
  5. A working cassette deck
  6. Reference monitors
  7. Sealed headphones
  8. Unsealed headphones
  9. An analog mixer
  10. Firewire or USB interface
  11. At least 2 channels of decent mic pres
  12. 100’ snake
  13. An XLR to ¼” snake
  14. Fishpole
  15. Shotgun mic
  16. Stereo mini to ¼” adaptor
  17. RCA to ¼” adaptors
  18. Barrel type XLR turnarounds
  19. Seven computers (2 PCs and 5 Macs)
  20. Eight computer monitors
  21. Pro Tools 10
  22. Pro Tools 11
  23. Pro Tools 12
  24. Adobe Audition (to troubleshoot opening OMF files)
  25. Logic
  26. Reason
  27. Max/MSP
  28. 2 channel graphic equalizer
  29. At least one decent reverb plug in
  30. MIDI controller
  31. Video camera (ie a digital audio recorder that takes pictures, too)
  32. Patch Bay
  33. 20 hard drives
  34. A decent subwoofer in your car or at least a system that goes to 30 Hz minimum
  35. Card reader
  36. A gaming console (Xbox, PS3), you don’t have to play it but you need it to compare streaming audio quality
  37. A headphone amplifier
  38. MIDI cables
  39. MIDI to USB cables
  40. Clients
  41. Acoustic piano
  42. Guitar
  43. Bass Guitar
  44. Choose one : Melodica, harmonica, recorder, dulcimer, thumb harp, or anything someone visiting you will be prompted to say “what’s this?” when they pick it up
  45. Active DI
  46. Passive DI
  47. A webpage showcasing your work
  48. Up-to-date CV
  49. One formal outfit for the awards ceremony
  50. Sneakers to go with the formal outfit

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